Photography by Lori Lynn
Friday, February 03, 2017
By Photography by Lori Lynn
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Would You Wear It?


I definitely would wear the outfit above, even though I am not much of a dress kind of girl.

We all struggle with getting outfit choices ready for having our portraits taken.

It can be daunting, and bring with it great anxiety, especially when you have to come up with choices for your entire family!

I thought I would write a little about how to help alleviate that for you.



 It sounds too simple but--Have fun with it!


Really it's that easy.


For instance, is there a dress of your moms you used to love when you were little? Does it still fit? Then do an image in that.

Get creative with it! Do you have a family tradition? Make images of that! Nothing is cuter than a little boy trying to wear his dad's shoes or

a daughter in mom's wedding dress Or playing at her vanity.


What seems to always look best is when a person is expressive.

When we can look at the image ten years later and see the essence of who that person was.

 It's magical!

 So when you book any type of session this year, have fun with your outfit choices.

Pull out the amazing gown you only wore once. wear that hat you love but never get to use.

Is your romance as epic as the notebook? Let's shoot it that way!

Dream of being a world class musician...lets capture that!


The possibilities are endless. and so much fun to come up with!


Be who you want to be. Because that is the person you're supposed to be. And that image will always make you smile.

Francisco Lachowski Stars in Tommy Hilfiger Holiday Voyage







Friday, January 27, 2017
By Photography by Lori Lynn
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Less than a week before the Vegas winners are announced!

I thought it would be the perfect beginning to my blog! This won't be regular, look at my images kind of blog, although I will post a few from time to time.

 Instead, The Blog post will be geared towards, helpful hints to make the most of your sessions with me. And a way for you and I to get to know each other better!


Below are some good places to start for Fabulous Vegas fashion.

What Happens in Vegas... (Cover)


Vegas Reservations


Check out these beautiful outfits, they would be perfect for one of the Vegas shooting locations, below in the video. The Neon Boneyard!